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The Exploding Bakery

Queen Street in Exeter is my corridor to the High Street so I wander down it on a regular basis. To my surprise on the way back from town a few months ago – clearly I wasn’t paying much attention on the way up – I noticed that Juice Moose, a shop which I really quite liked, no longer existed and in it’s place was the rather fetching store, The Exploding Bakery. Upon entering said store, I noticed that they sold Monmouth coffee in bean, ground and takeaway brewed form. Having tried Monmouth coffee at their Borough Market shop a couple of times and declared it my new favourite coffee due to the amazingly smooth taste (something to do with the grind apparently) and snazzy stylish fittings I was extremely happy to see that I could buy it in Exeter now.

Last weekend I popped to the food festival and on my way decided to duck my head into The Exploding Bakery to see what they had on offer that day. They change out their offering regularly and the produce always seems to be very beautifully presented and inviting. Ollie is the head baker and I must say a very creative sort of a chap. On that particular day offerings included a rather stunning Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake, a tasty Lemon Polenta Cake (I sampled this one), Vegan Banana Bread, lovely appley Lumberjack Cake and Carrot Cake all of which were crying out to me.

Each day they serve soups and savouries for lucky local workers, an example of which was a tomato, caramelised onion and rocket foccacia that looked ludicrously attractive that day. As I was on my way to a food festival I refrained, but regretted it afterwards. As well as a gorgeous, fresh range of baked products, The Exploding Bakery stock some store cupboard goodies and snacks such as Burts Crisps, Tracklements condiments (Thai Jelly, Fig Relish, mustards and more), Monmouth coffee at £5.75 a bag and a range of organic & gluten free flours from Doves Farm and Sharpham Park.

The other standout feature of The Exploding Bakery is its stylishness. I’ve mentioned before that I am a sucker for a good bit of design and The Exploding Bakery has this in abundance. From their logo, to the ‘tasteful’ dark grey of the façade and the rustic fittings – wooden crates and industrial metal shelving – it exudes the personality of a real, working bakery which it essentially is, with a bit of urban cool. It feels a little like you have stuck your head into a professional artisan bakery and they have very kindly allowed you to buy some of their recently baked treats. Form and function perfectly melded. Nestled between Jenniflower, in my opinion the nicest florist in Exeter, and Whistle Wines, one of the few high street independent wine shops in Exeter, I am starting to see Queen Street as an up-and-coming Magdalen Road. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it keeps developing along the same lines.