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About Me

Bilby Bites is the food blog of myself, Natalie Taylor. I am a freelance Marketer who lives in the beautiful, foodie heaven that is Devon, with my partner JC. I have long been a huge fan of cooking, eating and often simply admiring, food. My aim here is to share my favourite recipes, collected over 15 years, food suppliers & produce, restaurants & cafés, with anybody else who is enamoured with food and interested in reading about it. As the blog evolves, I will no doubt add to the list of food related topics I write about, but the constant element will be the location of my cooking and eating and that is the West Country.

I grew up in Australia and moved to the UK in 1992 to the not-so-foodie setting of Reading. No offence meant to Reading or it's inhabitants, as it was fairly representational of the UK food scene as I experienced it some 20 years ago, but coming from Sydney where you tripped over a great restaurant every few metres, it was very different. I couldn't quite get my head around the idea of egg sandwiches that had been prepared days before hand and were being sold pre-packed in petrol stations. I don't think I'm over that really. Things have changed dramatically since the early 90s and the UK is now full to the brim with wonderful chefs, food producers and restaurants. Even pub food has pulled it's proverbial socks up.

This change in the culinary landscape has led to a growth in the number of specialist food shops and eateries across the country and Devon is no exception. Devon is a perfect example of the local food industry contributing greatly to the success of local tourism, resulting in a heavenly holiday destination for lovers of all things tasty. If you love food and you want a weekend away to scour the farm shops for local delicacies, eat fresh local produce in top restaurants and sip regional wines and ciders in friendly, warm pubs, Devon is the place to head for.

You will quickly work out which way my loyalties lie in terms of cuisine as my site content grows, but I can tell you that almost anything Italian, Thai, Spanish or Moroccan are firm favs, with traditional British fayre such as good sausage or pie and mash, definitely in my Top 10.

No blog would be complete without interaction with readers so please get in touch and let me know your foodie thoughts and experiences. I would like to stress that these reviews are my own opinion. I aim to write about products and places I have enjoyed, rather than complaining about those I haven't. In the process, I may point you towards something you have not yet experienced, or help you decide on your next gourmet destination. Happy noshing!